September 29, 2020

7:00am - Historic Reno Arch

Race Guidelines


Description:  The Reno-Vegas mtb race is a self-support mountain bike race starting at the Historic Reno Arch and finishing at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.  The Reno-Vegas mtb race is an underground race.  The Reno-Vegas mtb race is not organized, sanctioned, supported or permitted by anyone.  There are no entry fees, no awards and no prize money.  The mixed surface Reno-Vegas mtb race route consists of paved, dirt, gravel, and two-track roads with ruthless technical single-track and several long hike-a-bike sections.  The Reno-Vegas mtb race does not have any route signs or markers.   Navigation and self-preservation is completely up to you. 


Support Rules:  The Reno-Vegas mtb race is a self-support mountain bike race.  Use only resupply services available to all racers.  No cache drops.  No prearranged outside support, suppplies, services or assistance.  Use only one bicycle.  No electric or gas motor assistance.  If you leave the route, you must return to the same location to continue the race.   You must follow the entire route from start to finish with no shortcuts.


Route:  Final race route gpx available on July 1, 2020.  The final 2020 race route will be similar to the 2017 bikepacking route.